The modern city of Luxor lies on the East bank of the River Nile, which also contains two huge, surviving monuments : Luxor Temple and the stupendous temple complex of Karnak,  connected by the “Avenue of Sphinxes” (now being restored at some cost to the traffic flow). Almost all the other antiquities are on the West Bank, including the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Luxor (ancient Thebes) is a world heritage site, said to contain more treasures in a small area than any other place in the world.

One of the greatest open-air museums, The Kings Valley and all the other tombs and temples are close to our Villas on the West bank, whilst Karnak and Luxor temples on the East bank are easily accessible by river. 


Temple Of Luxor

This temple was dedicated to the Egyptian God Amon-Re around 1400 BC, and constructed by the Egyptian pharaohs, Amenhopis III and Ramesis  II.

View to Nile from summit 104 copy.JPG

View of the Nile

From the peak of the Jebel above the Valley of Kings, the Nile can be seen snaking its way between the green fertile fields. The mountain appears from the valley like a pyramid-shaped horn and this may have been why the area was chosen for the royal tombs.

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Birds of Egypt

The hoopoe is a colourful bird, notable for its distinctive 'crown' of feathers, that is a frequent visitor to Luxor gardens. Along the river you will see ibis’s, egrets, pied kingfishers, rare herons and a host of other waterfowl.


Medinet Habu

Medinet Habu is the massive Mortuary Temple of Ramesis III. It lies on the West bank within easy reach of Villa Rosamund.  The whole area around is of great interest, being on the edge of the Western desert.

The _Colossi of Memnon_.jpg

The “Colossi of Memnon” 

These were in fact the statues of the Amenhotep III at the entrance to his temple. This was largely destroyed in an earthquake in ancient times. Other huge statues from this former temple are being unearthed by archaeologists and erected once again today.


Luxor Souk 

Luxor Souk, situated on the East Bank, is an excellent source for clothes, jewellery, spices, leather and other goods.

Good to know

  • Language : Arabic, though English is widely spoken

  • Currency: Egyptian Pound EGP (£)

  • Country Code : +20

  • Best time to visit : Temperatures can be high from May to September, if you want to avoid the heat, then go in the cooler months of October to April. 

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