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Price Guide in Egyptian Pounds (allow for tipping)

Airport or station collection/ delivery:

Up to 10 people with luggage in Minibus 800; Up to 3 people in taxi 500


Meals (served to you on the roof terrace or inside the villa) 

Full Egyptian breakfast 120 

4 - course dinner (prepared by our acclaimed Chef Mahmood) 240 

(Half price for children under 12)



Egyptian wines 200 per bottle, Beer 45 per can,

Mineral water provided for meals but can be bought at 7 for large bottle and 4 for small bottle.

Note: Shop next to Riverbank House stocks mineral waters, nuts and other snacks.


Site-seeing travel with Khyry as your guide

Luxor area (excluding ticket prices as detailed below)

Up to 10 people with driver in Minibus 1,500 for half-day; 2,000 for full day

Up to 6 maximum in taxi 700 for half-day 900 for full day

(Note: To hire another licensed guide would cost 600 for half-day and 1,200 for full day)


River Trips

Short Launch crossings to/from East bank 10 per person minimum 40

2–3-hour cruise in Launch or Felucca for whole party 500 -600


Animal rides

Horse, Camel, or Donkey rides around local villages about 250, 200 and 100 per hour respectively


Examples of ticket prices per person

Valley of the Kings (including 3 tombs) 240

Extra for special tombs Tutankhamun 300: Ramses VI 100; Seti I, 1,000

Valley of the Queens 100 plus 1,400 to include Nefertiti, (wife of Ramses II) 1,500

Valley of the Nobles including 2 tombs, 60

Deir el-Medina) Workers’ Valley including artisans’ village, 2 tombs and temple 100 only!

Hatshepsut temple 140

Howard Carter's House (includes replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb) 80 

Medinet Habu (Ramses III temple) 80

Ramesium (Inspiration for Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias” 100

Luxor temple 160

Karnak 200

(The recently excavated Avenue of the Sphinxes provides a wonderful walk connecting the above two temples)

Luxor Museum, 200


Note: The Luxor Pass obtainable at the Airport for US $ 200 (Accredited students $100 only) includes entrance to all the above for one week.

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