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It is possible to arrange two holidays in one

Enjoy staying in our authentic Luxor Riverbank villa

 you can also benefit from sailing down the River Nile

while staying aboard our beautiful Dahabeya

Typical Nile West Bank scene .jpg


The Dahabeya is a magnificent sailing boat near our villa on the Nile in Luxor. 

You can arrange accommodation to sail to Esna or Aswan for 3 or 5 nights. 

Explore other site seeing destinations watching life along the edge of the river Nile

Dahabeya Specifications; Length: 34,5 m, Draught: 0.6 m, Main Mast: 12.5 m, Sail: 360 sq. m

Sunset on board our Dahabeya

Experience Authentic Night Entertainment on board the Dahabeya

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