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There is also the option to divide your holiday into 2 parts

Spend half your holiday exploring Luxor on land and the other half sailing on the Nile

We can offer a split holiday experience - flexible nights in the villa and on the Dahabeya


From the moment you step out of the small Luxor airport,

you will be welcomed by Khyry and his friendly team

who will ensure that you are looked after throughout your stay.

Enjoy living in an authentic Luxor villa, visit the best temples,

tombs of ancient Thebes, hot air balloon, ride healthy camels and horses

through the village, or simply relax sailing on the Nile in a felucca


A few weeks before start of holiday we will send you a full information guide/pack

5-bedroom villa on the West Bank of the Nile, with a private swimming pool. 

5-bedroom villa in the small El-Gezirah village, close to and with views of the Nile.

       Find out more about dividing your holiday  between the villa and sailing on the Nile...

Two separate villas

Riverbank House                                                              Villa Rosamund

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